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Tegid ap Talaryant, or Tegid Tathal, is a bard from the Other World. His cannon is The Song of Albion trilogy by Stephen Lawhead. Tegid is an ancient Celt from an ideal and almost perfect world. Albion, itself, was modeled after the British Isles only bigger. Also, the Other World is intertwined with our world. The Otherworld is the storehouse of the archetypes, it is the World of Worlds. It helps us see the wonders in ours, such as beauty. When the Otherworld is corrupted our world is corrupted at it's root. In some instances the worlds begin to merge, and that is catastrophic. Think, what it would be like if all the beauty of out world were to just cease to exist.

The land is being corrupted. The corruption stems from an intrusion from our world into theirs. This in the Cannon is from a man called Simon, Lewis Gillies’ roommate at Oxford. Meldron, the High King’s Meldryn Mawer’s son, with talk of succession and inherited kingship. In this land the king is chosen by the bards, not, usually passed from father to son. Now, in the quest to secure his kingship Meldron killed the Phantarch, the bard who kept the Song of Albion thus keeping the armies of Lord Nudd and the day of strife at bay. When the Phantarch was killed, he preserved the Song in the very rocks around him, this gave Llew and the those who defended a fortress far in the north an edge against preverbal armies of Hell. When this was all said and done, Llew became the new champion of the King and the old champion killed the good king. After the King was buried Tegid gave the kingship to a very reluctant Llew, and Meldron got angry. He had Llew and Tegid put in a pit to imprison them till he could do what he wanted with them. They got free and headed to Ynys Sci where they were safe for a while. Tegid called a gathering of the remaining bards of Albion. During the meeting, Meldron shows up to murder the bards of Albion. He doesn’t kill Llew, though, he cuts off his sword hand . Then, Meldron blinds Tegid with a slash across his face. Next, he sets Llew and Tegid adrift on a skin boat on the ocean to die. They do make it to land with luck and a little providence. They find themselves in the presence of the Sure Swift Hand in the guise of Gofannon and are helped in their quest. This is when Tegid realizes that his sight seems to return, in his mind, when he sings. The Sure Swift Hand gives him a magnificent harp of the finest craftsmanship as well a promise of gifts sure to come. Tegid gains a fleeting kind of sight, not only when he sings, but when he needs it. It is better than his previous physical sight, it is his minds eye. It can see into the past, the future, and even far distances away.

Tegid is a normal man, about 5’7” or so, with fair hair, and skin. He has a large scar, a slash across his face, and where his eyes had been there is only scar tissue. He wears a tunic belted at the waist. His britches are kept up with the belt, and he wears soft buckskin boots. Over this, he wears an ornately folded cloak clasped at the shoulder by a broach. He carries a harp with him at all time, and is always ready to tell a tale and sing.

Tegid Tathal is from The Song of Albion Trillogy, and is the property of Stephen R. Lawhead. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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